Sunday, October 21, 2007

What Time Is It...?

I can't quite believe a whole week has gone since BICS. Wow. Between travelling back, man-flu and work, there hasn't been a chance to post to this site, so apologies for that.

Anyhue, RF did really very well for a preview issue thingy from 'non-industry' folks like us. Thanks to all of you who came by, particularly those who put their money down. The whole point of the exercise was to get the work out there, to show we were serious, and to start getting feedback that would be worked into the full version of Issue One. In that, I believe we were very successful.

As well as selling a bunch of issues to the public who wandered by, we also gave out nine retailer packs. These contained an intro letter from Alma and I, a copy of the writer & artist agreement she and I signed at the beginning of the process, full bios for us both complete with relevant urls for further reading, and a copy of the preview. Since then, another such pack has been passed on to Travelling Man in Newcastle. One pack at the event was actually passed to a review site, and more on that in a subsequent post, but all the rest went to shops. Again, this was to raise awareness of RF in the 'con-active' indy retail community.

Lastly, we handed out copies of RF to a number of industry pro's, asking for honest feedback. This has started to come in and, I'm pleased to say that it has been universally positive. There have been constructive points raised, some expected, some delightfully unexpected (raising the usual 'D'oh!' moments), but everyone has been very complimentary. This has boosted our confidence and given us some direction for the full version of Issue One.

So, when will that be? Good question. December would be nice, but we need to start saving for that. BICS was always going to be a financial gut-punch, but it counts as a long-term investment and, from all we've got back so far, it's already been worthwhile. Getting the first issue printed will be a bigger hit, but will bring a more immediate return assuming we can turn positive public and professional reaction into actual sales.

Whatever the case, Issue One of Redemption's Fire will be at Bristol in May ( This has to happen, so it will. See you there!

(PS. Particular thanks to those of you who came up with your portfolios, chatted to Alma as she looked them over, and then bought a comic before leaving. You are officially Good People. There were a number of people who came up, had Alma [and others on other stalls] spend her time to go through a portfolio offering helpful advice and crit, and then buggered off without picking up a book. Cheers for that...)

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