Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pre-launch nerves

Well now.

We've gone and done it now, haven't we?!

It's the night before the day before the morning of The Event. It was my birthday just a few days ago, and that passed without registering much of a blip for two reasons. Firstly, it's the birthday before a major milestone birthday, and those tend to get passed over in the rush for the greater date. Secondly, Birmingham looms large at the moment.

The book is back from our very wonderful printer's over in Eire. Alma sent some fuzzy mobile phone pics that got my heart beating really rather fast. I know it's 'just' a preview, and that the finished issue will be bigger, more polished and generally quite spiffy, but this is the debut issue. Over the weekend, about 170 people will hopefully go home with copies of the first major public appearance of Redemption's Fire!

170? Yup. Possibly even 150. See, there have been pre-orders, as family, friends and work colleagues reserve their copies. There's also the ten copies being kept back for the distributor packs that are being handed out to indy comic shops. So, the Preview Issue is becoming more rare by the minute! Wonder if we'll sell out? Ah, more butterflies!

We're going to give the first issue, 1/200, to a charity auction, if the Birmingham International Comics Show has such a thing. If not, then we'll find something special to do with it. Maybe we'll do a gallery of pics of the people who buy the preview, with a big shot of the person who buys issue one. Maybe we'll just sit on a dust covered, bypassed stall. Ugh, more butterflies.

Let's see, shall we.

See you in Birmingham - did we?

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AlmaO'Carroll said...

I didn't know it was your birthday!Happy burpday Embra!:)